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VW Camper & Bus Magazine

VW Camper & Bus Magazine

VW Camper & Bus Magazine

Comfy Campers are delighted to be featured in this months (May 2017) issue of VW Camper & Bus Magazine.

It’s a lovely article about hiring a VW Campervan. The article highlights 10 reasons to hire a campervan:

  1. The Freedom – Take off whenever you want and stop in a new place every night.  They’re the ultimate self-sufficient holiday home.
  2. Stay cation is the new vacation – Have you checked out the exchange rate lately? Or the cost of flights, hotels, etc.  A couple of weeks in a Camper costs a lot lest than a family holiday aboard, and all without the hassle of airports, too.  And remember, because there’s no baggage allowance kids will be able to bring all their favorite toys, clothes, books and board games.
  3. It’ll prise the children away form their screens – Our camper vans  don’t have Wi-Fi so say hello to your kids again. The novelty of being in a Classic VW Campervan never seems to wear off.  It’s how holidays used to be.
  4. Take your pet – Being dog lovers ourselves we appreciated that is it important to take your dog on holiday with you. That is why Comfy Campers offer three dog friendly VW camper vans for hire.
  5. Get back to nature
  6. Discover Britain – Britain is full of amazing places to stay and visit.
  7. The convenience – If the British weather does its thing, you will still be warm and dray, and able to cook up some tasty treats on board.  No wet, cold sleeping bags, no soaking, chilly children, etc
  8. The opportunity for adventure – You’re in charge, so you choose where you want to go and how long you stay.  The possibilities are endless.
  9. Peace of mind – It’s not yours, so if something goes wrong you don’t have to fix it.
  10. Life looks different when your in a campervan – Whatever the weather, or traffic, life is always more interesting when you’re in a VW campervan. 
Comfy Campers featured in VW Camper & Bus Magazine

Comfy Campers featured in VW Camper & Bus Magazine

Hiring a Classic VW camper van is an excellent way to explore the UK in style. The concept is easy, simply turn up with your bag, a few bottles of wine to enjoy and head off on your adventure. If you can dream the adventure our VW Campervans will make it happen! We are members of the Camping and Caravanning Club and offer fully comprehensive insurance, unlimited UK miles and AA breakdown cover. The campervan comes fully equipped with everything you require for a VW campervan holiday, cooking utensils, pots and pans and much more.

Comfy Campers is a family run business based in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire offering classic VW camper van hire for any occasion from a fun weekend at a music festival to a family holiday in Cornwall. We cater for absolutely anyone who wants to kick back and follow the road.