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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

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Camper Van Hire Terms And Conditions

The following are the General Term & Conditions of Hire between the Hirer and Comfy Campers. Note: that these Terms & Conditions together with the Comfy Campers Booking Form and the Insurance Motor Rental Agreement (given to the Hirer on collection of the campervan) will combine to form the whole rental agreement.

  • Comfy Campers reserves the right to vary rates and conditions at any time.
  • The campervan and its equipment remains the property of Comfy Campers at all times.
  • All payments made to or by Comfy Campers shall be made in pounds sterling.
  • All payments to Comfy Campers are exclusive of VAT.

The Hirer and/or Driver

The Hirer must comply, and is liable for ensuring, that the named Driver(s) comply, with the following obligations:

  • Shall not lend or hire the camper van to a third party.
  • Shall not tow any trailer or vehicle with the campervan.
  • Shall not carry more passengers than the permitted capacity of the camper van (4 persons) or allow the campervan to exceed the permitted Gross Vehicle Weight of 2250 kgs.
  • Shall not use the campervan for carriage of passengers or goods for hire or reward.
  • Shall not move the camper van without the written consent of Comfy Campers out of the UK mainland.
  • Shall not use the campervan for or in conjunction with any race, competition, trial or for hire or reward, or on non-metalled or sealed roads, or park or drive on any beach.
  • Shall restrict camper van movements in certain areas due to adverse road or weather conditions, or any other reasonable cause.
  • Shall be responsible for the costs of recovery for a campervan that has become bogged.
  • Shall not carry volatile liquids or gases (other than the butane gas provided with the camper van), explosives or other corrosive or flammable materials.
  • Shall not permit smoking in the campervan.
  • Undertakes to keep the camper van securely locked at all times when unattended and to refrain from any action or commission which may prejudice Comfy Campers rights to the campervan.
  • Shall not allow the campervan to be driven by anyone other than those named in the Insurance Motor Rental Agreement and authorised by Comfy Campers.
  • The Driver must be fit and capable at all times.
  • Shall ensure that the Drive does not drive the vehicle when unfit through drink or drugs or with blood alcohol concentration above the limit prescribed for the time being by road traffic legislation..
  • Shall ensure that any change of circumstances or the Hirer and/or named driver(s) (e.g. address, driving convictions) are notified to Comfy Campers with 48 hours of any such change.


  • Any campervan hired may only be driven by the Hirer and/or agreed additional Drivers who have been accepted by Comfy Campers and their Insurance Company.
  • All named Drivers must be over 23 and under 70 years of age and have held a full UK licence for at least two years.
  • The price quoted on the Booking Form includes insurance cover for one named driver aged between 23 – 75 years, with a clean licence. Any additional surcharges due to, for example, driver’s age, history of endorsements within the last five years, history of accidents, physical/mental defects, refused motor insurance record, motor convictions, additional drivers and physical/mental defects will be advised by Comfy Campers on receipt of the completed Booking Form, and any additional costs will be payable in advance with the final balance.

Identification Documents required

The following must be supplied with the completed Booking Form

  • In the case of UK photocard licence, photocopies of both the card and the counterpart licence.
  • In the case of UK paper licence, photocopy of all sections of the licence.
  • A photocopy of a confirmation of address of hirer in the form of a utility bill (no more than 8 weeks old) or a bank/building society statement.
  • Non-UK licence holders must hold a valid full International Driving Licence and be cleared in advance as advised by Comfy Campers and will have to pay an insurance surcharge and/or an increased deposit.
  • Please not that if these not received, Comfy Campers will be unable to proceed with the Hire as they are governed by their insurance company’s requirements.
  • Comfy Campers will securely destroy all photocopies once the Hire period is over.

Extent of Insurance Cover

  • The Hirer is provided with Fully Comprehensive insurance for the duration of the Hire period only.
  • Hirer should not that they are not covered by insurance should the camper van not be returned to Comfy Campers at the stipulated date and time.
  • The Hirer is insured for damage to the campervan and property of a third party.
  • In the event of any damage to the vehicle the Hirer will be responsible for the first £500 (insurance excess) required by Comfy Campers’s insurers.

Exclusion of Insurance Cover

The following are not covered by Comfy Campers insurance:

  • Windscreen & tyre damage.
  • Loss/damage/theft to the radio, stereo equipment, and aerials.
  • Personal effects within or from the vehicle.
  • Interior damage, including burns, to seats, flooring and living or cooking equipment, curtains, elevation roof and any equipment on hire
  • Any consequential expenses or additional costs incurred in hiring alternative vehicles, late arrivals, missed ferries, accommodation, travel expenses or any third party claims in connection with a breakdown or accident. on hire
  • The Hirer shall be liable to pay the full cost of repair of any damage which the camper van may suffer as the result of the willful or negligent action of the Hirer.

Security Deposit

  • There is a £500 refundable Security Deposit which will be left with Comfy Campers at the start of the Hire. If the campervan is returned in good condition (subject to inspection) with a clean interior, whole and undamaged, and with a full tank of petrol, the Security Deposit will be returned to the Hirer within 7 working days.
  • Should the condition of the camper van be otherwise, then repairs, replacements or cleaning costs will be charged against the Security Deposit. Should the repairs, replacements or cleaning costs cost less than £750.00 to rectify, the deposit will be cashed and the balance shall be returned to the Hirer within 30 days.
  • The Security Deposit must be paid by cash, debit or credit card at the time of Hire. It will NOT be cashed unless necessary.


  • In the event of a breakdown or an accident, a breakdown service is at the disposal of the Hirer, details of which will e given out at the start of the Hire period. The breakdown service covers breakdown and relay back to the point of Hire (or to a garage specified by Comfy Campers.)
  • The Hirer will be charged for anything that is deemed by Comfy Campers to be a driver-induced error (e.g. running out of fuel, wrong type of fuel, locking keys inside the vehicle, losing keys.)
  • In the event of the breakdown service being unable to repair the vehicle, Comfy Campers will endeavor to supply a replacement vehicle, subject to availability.
  • Comfy Campers is not responsible for any consequential expenses or additional costs incurred in hiring alternative vehicles, late arrival, missed ferries, accommodation, travel expenses or any third party claims in connection with a breakdown or accident.
  • For faults and repairs in the first instance call Comfy Campers between 09.00 – 17.00 Monday – Friday and 09.00 – 13.00 Saturday, who will organise and coordinate assistance.


  • Bookings can only be secured when Comfy Campers has received a completed Booking Form and a Booking Deposit of £150 per booking paid by personal cheque or cash.
  • The Booking Deposit is not refundable and shall be deducted from the hire charge.
  • The Hirer will then be sent confirmation of the booking, receipt of the Booking Deposit and the final balance figure.
  • The final balance must be paid 28 days prior to the start of the Hire, otherwise the booking will no longer be secure and the Booking Deposit will not be refunded.
  • The final balance is payable by bank transfer, personal cheque, paypal or cash.

Late bookings

Late bookings are at the discretion of Comfy Campers. When a booking is taken within 28 days of departure, the balance shall be paid in full with the return of the Booking Form.


Cancellations must be in writing and are charged as follows:

  • The booking deposit is not refundable.
  • Cancellation between 14 days and up to 28 days before rental start date: 50% of total hire charge.
  • Cancellation less than 14 days before rental start date or no shows: 100% of total hire charge.
  • Comfy Campers reserves the right to cancel the Hire if at the commencement of the Hire the Driver’s licence(s) are invalid or not in accordance with the conditions set out above. In these circumstances the total hire charge will be forfeited.
  • Camper vans on weekend hire shall be available for collection on Friday afternoon at 4pm and should be returned on Monday morning at 11am unless previously arranged with Comfy Campers.
  • Campervans on Bank Holiday weekend hire shall be available for collection on Friday afternoon at 4pm and should be returned on Monday evening at 6pm unless previously arranged with Comfy Campers.
  • Camper vans on 5 day hire shall be available for collections on Monday 9am and returned on Friday morning at 9am unless previously arranged with Comfy Campers.
  • Campervans on 7 day hire shall be available for collection on Friday afternoon at 4pm and be returned on Thursday evening at 6pm unless previously arranged with Comfy Campers.
  • If the camper van is returned late (i.e. outside the times stated above), the Hirer will be surcharged at the rate of £50 per hour or part thereof together with any additional costs incurred by Comfy Campers (e.g. compensation to the next Hirer.) If you find you are unable to collect the campervan within the times stated above, please contact us as soon as possible and we will try to be available outside these hours. However, we cannot guarantee that we will be available, and if we are not the campervan will be available for collection the following day, or whenever is arranged otherwise between you and Comfy Campers.
  • No refund is given for an early return of the camper van for any reason, (e.g. accident, weather or theft).
  • Where campervans have been arranged to be delivered to / collected from the Hirer, times and details shall be previously arranged and agreed by Comfy Campers and the Hirer.
  • The Hirer shall be given the opportunity to check the camper van for defects and shall notify Comfy Campers of any obvious defects before commencing the Hire. The Hirer is advised to check the campervan thoroughly before signing the Rental Agreement.
  • The breakdown or malfunction of equipment after the campervan has left the premises will not be accepted as reason to abort or cancel the Rental Agreement, and any such fault will be rectified as soon as possible.
  • Any accidental damage caused to a camper van once covered by the Rental Agreement but still on Comfy Campers’s premises shall be deemed as the Hirer’s responsibility.
  • The Hirer is responsible for returning the campervan with a full tank of fuel and ensuring that it is as clean as at the point of Hire. Upon return Comfy Campers’s representative will check the campervan for damage, cleanliness, a full tank of fuel, condition of the tyre’s, windscreen, bumpers, roof lights, mirrors, doors and internal habitation equipment.

Comfy Campers will make the following charges for additional cleaning:

  • £50 for the cleaning of stained upholstery.
  • £50 for a very dirty interior or exterior. Please note: That the camper vans have been sprayed with a specialist paint finish. The campervans must never be taken through a car wash, or washed using a pressure washer on the paint work. Should this be ignored, damage to paint work and the resulting costs incurred by a specialist body shop shall be passed on in full to the Hirer.
  • £100 if the no smoking clause has been ignored.
  • £50 for additional cleaning required after animals have been taken (please see Animals section below)

Please consider that the next customer may be collecting the camper within hours of your return time.

Fuel, oil, water, tyre’s and gas

  • Comfy Campers warrants that camper vans are road worthy, licensed and taxed and that all appropriate checks are carried out by Comfy Campers before commencement of the Hire period.
  • The campervans use ordinary unleaded petrol. The Hirer will be liable if the incorrect fuel type is used.
  • The Hirer is responsible for the regular checking of oil and (if applicable) water levels and the use of the correct type of fluids.
  • The Hirer is responsible for the cost of replacement tyre(s) unless the tyre(s) is defective and returned to Comfy Campers for inspection and the manufacturer accepts liability under his warranty.
  • The camper van will be provided with one partially-used butane gas bottle already connected, and one spare full butane gas bottle at the time of Hire. The cost of any refills thereafter shall be the responsibility of the Hirer who shall ensure that the same size and make of gas bottles as taken out are returned with the vehicle, and that one full bottle is returned with the campervan. These are widely available from most garages and butane gas outlets throughout the UK.


Every effort is made to ensure that the camper van reserved is available. If due to circumstances beyond Comfy Campers’s control the reserved campervan is not available Comfy Campers reserve the right to offer a suitable alternative. If an alternative is not available the liability of Comfy Campers will be limited to the refund of any monies paid by the Hirer.


  • The Hirer shall be responsible for all costs and fines incurred because of offenses against the Road Traffic Acts and/or regulations including speeding and parking tickets.
  • The Hirer shall ensure that the driver and all passengers required by law to do so shall, when the campervan is being driven, wear the seat belts provided.
  • In the case of an accident, loss or damage arising out of the use of the campervan, the Hirer must notify Comfy Campers within 24 hours of the event. They must obtain the names and addresses of all third parties and witnesses involved and report the event to the nearest police station.
  • The Hirer must not admit any liability to third parties or accept any offer of settlement or other offer.
  • The Hirer will assist Comfy Campers in handling any claim arising from any event, including providing all relevant information and attending Court to give evidence.


Pets are allowed only if previously agreed by Comfy Campers. We expect Hirers to act responsibly with their animal and it is their responsibility to ensure their safety and to comply with current laws governing animals in transit when traveling in the campervans at all times. A £50 cleaning charge will be payable if necessary and any repair to damaged or torn upholstery will result in a deduction from the Security Deposit for repair. Costs will be advised by Comfy Campers.

Terminating the Agreement

The Hirer must acknowledge that Comfy Campers may terminate the Agreement and repossess the campervan at any time without reference to the Hirer if:

  • the Hirer breaches the Agreement in any way.
  • The camper van has been obtained through fraud or misrepresentation.
  • The campervan appears to have been abandoned.
  • The camper van is not returned on the agreed return date or Comfy Campers reasonably believes that the campervan will not be returned on the agreed return date.
  • Comfy Campers reasonably considers that the safety of the passengers and / or the condition of the campervan is endangered.

The Hirer will have no right to any refund or the Security Deposit in the event of any termination or repossession.


These Terms & Conditions of contract are governed in all respects by English Law and the Parties submit to the jurisdiction of the English Courts. Nothing in these Terms & Conditions affects consumers’ statutory rights, and none of Comfy Campers’s limitations or exclusions of liability extend so as to exclude or limit liability for death or personal injury. The operation of the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 is excluded.
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